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Get your free online moving quote by following few steps.

1. Request Online Quote

Provide your moving dates, type of home, zip code of origin and destination, and contact information on our website. You can provide more details to get an accurate moving quote.

2. Schedule your survey

Our consultant will contact you to confirm the details you provided to schedule a survey or move for you.

3. Survey Your Stuff

We are offering a telephonic survey to talk to our relocation consultant and let us know about the stuff you want to move. It is easy and can be easily done on the phone.

Our video survey is easy, and it is similar to the onsite survey. To make use of our video survey method, you just need a smartphone or tablet having internet access. Our video call survey method will take 30-90 to get the complete estimation of your home.
During a video call, your dedicated consultant will help you know about everything that will be a part of our relocation process, so you will have the assurance that nothing is left behind in our survey.
After completing the survey, you will get the estimate by the next business day. We will address every single concern that you may have. We make use of Facetime or Zoom to conduct our Video Surveys.

Our professional consultant will visit your place physically to give you a more professional and accurate quote.

4. Scheduling Your Move

Once you have decided to choose Monroe Moving Pro as your moving partner, our consultant will help you book and schedule your move.