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Rights & responsibilities of Customers

At Monroe Moving Pro, we need you to know your rights and responsibilities throughout your move with us. We believe that the most successful and efficient moves occur when you fully understand what are your right and responsibilities as a customer. Please check these links below to review the FMCSA publications.


Moving Checklist:


Relocation Resource Center by Monroe Moving and Storage


Our Policy:
  • To make a reservation for your move date, you need to deposit $250. This needs to be done over the phone with a representative from Monroe Moving Pro who will verify your information and availability of move date or through our online portal. Please don’t email us your credit card information to avoid any security breach.
  • PACKING YOUR GOODS: All Customers are responsible for packing their boxes and delicate items (mirror,glass, marble, and electronics) EXCEPT noted differently on this Quote. All mattresses, futon pads, and box springs should be protected properly in mattress boxes or plastic covers for health and sanitary reasons. Personal belongings that are stored in plastic bags are not allowed on the truck. Note: Packing your supplies is not included in the transportation cost and will be charged accordingly.
  • CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Some buildings ask for a COI (certificate of insurance) from the mover. Please ask your building management at your current and new locations to know their requirements. Please inform your Relocation Consultant about COI, and we will be glad to assist you.
  • PARKING RESTRICTIONS: The Customers have to verify parking limitations with the building/s management or local police department at the current and new locations to avoid any parking violations by the carrier. If the truck cannot be parked close enough due to parking restrictions, Long Carry, Parking Tickets, or Shuttle Truck Service charges will be applied and added to the original agreement.
  • FURNITURE TRANSPORTATION: Our Company requires you to empty all the drawers one day before move. All Residential & Office Furniture having full drawers won’t be transported as there is a high risk of damage to the actual furniture as well as premises walls, and floors.
  • UTILITIES / APPLIANCES: Make sure that all of your utilities and appliances will be turned off and disassembled from electric, gas, and water connections before the day of your move. We are not responsible to disassemble or reassemble any appliances or utilities at your current or new locations.
      • Loss or damage to jewelry, gemstones, cash, stamps, coins, or currency, banknotes, deeds, travelers’ checks, checks, coins or stamp collections, letters or valuable papers, scrapbooks, firearms, photo albums, perishable items, contraband, or ammunition.
      • Any internal electrical or mechanical part of any device except exterior damages are duly noted in writing at delivery time.
      • Loss of data and re-calibration are also excluded.
      • Any kind of damage to furniture made from IKEA, particleboard, or pressed wood.
      • Loss or damage containing breakage of china, bottles, statuary, glassware, bric-a-brac, or products of fragile nature unless the items are packed by the carrier and are noted on the inventory. There is no responsibility by the carrier for the contents of boxes that were packed by the owner.
      • Undamaged items that are in pair or set where one or more items in the pair or set are damaged or lost.
      • Items that are being moved out from any storage facility except Monroe Moving Pro’s storage facility.

    Here is a limited list of items that shouldn’t be shipped.
    • House paints
    • Bleach
    • Propane tanks or cans
    • Open containers of liquid
    • Gas or oils
    • Ammunition
    • Butane
    • Open alcohol containers
    • Aerosols
    • Open non-sealed food containers
    • Welding Gas
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Antifreeze
    • Disinfectant cleaners (especially those containing bleach or ammonia)
    • Unpreserved foods (unless the move follows strict guidelines – please ask your carrier about these to know if your move follows the guidelines)
    • Items with excessive odor

  • DISASSEMBLY & ASSEMBLY: standard items of furniture are included. Elaborate or highly specialized furniture items that need to be disassembled and/or reassembled may require a 3rd party professional service or additional labor and should be disclosed to Monroe Moving Pro before the move is included on the estimate. Disconnection and reconnection of appliances are not involved in the estimation.
    Things that we DO NOT Disassemble and/or Reassemble:

    • Cribs
    • Outdoor Playground Equipment
    • Gym Equipment
    • Items that are Bolted/Screwed into Walls or Floor (TV Brackets, Shelving, Safes, etc.)
    • Any Item that is disassembled by a customer and/or other moving company
  • ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL TO YOUR PICKUP LOCATION: All Estimated times of arrival can be changed depending on various factors like traffic, unforeseen mechanical problems, weather conditions, or unexpected services to be extracted with orders scheduled before you (mostly implies on second, third, or fourth shifts). Note: Monroe Moving Pro will not offer discount to any account due to any delays that are listed above. We will keep any customer informed verbally regarding the move date with a new / revised ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) according to our schedule.
  • PACKAGING & MATERIALS: Additional charges will be applied based on the amount of time to pack and materials used during your move:
    • Mattress bags
    • Rolls of Tape
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Glass Protection
    • TV Protection etc.
  • PAYMENT: Can be made with the following: Cash, certified check, credit card (visa, master card, and American express) with the addition of a 3% charge. WE DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL CHECKS. The DEPOSIT amount is $250.00 and it is due at the time when you reserve the date.
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIAL SERVICES AND FEES (if applicable to the move):
    It is normal for the carrier to offer extra services to the customer. Extra/optional services include, but are not limited to packing, storage, unpacking, materials, appliance servicing, long carry, shuttle, wooden crating, exclusive use of vehicle, rigging hoisting and lowering, guaranteed delivery, etc. If the customer orders an additional service or an additional service is required to complete the move, the charge for the service will be added to the final bill.
  • CANCELLATION / RESCHEDULE POLICY Customers must give Monroe Moving Pro at least 72 hours in advance notice, from the scheduled move date, to Cancel or Reschedule with no cancellation/rescheduling fee.
  • Our STORAGE Facility is not accessible, not self-storage. Appointments should be made 24 hours before pick up. Handling charges will be applicable **

You agree that if your property or stuff is deemed a hazard by Monroe Moving Pro personnel (due to bed bugs, lice, fleas, rodents, etc.), the move will be suspended and rescheduled for the time when the hazard is corrected. In such an event, you will be liable for our minimum payment of 3 hours of labor including travel time, fuel, and all costs resulting from any sterilization or the other acts or procedures essential to return the moving vehicle and/or the storage area to a sanitary state.