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Personalized Packing

Starting fresh in a new home is always exciting as well as challenging for people. It is very much like starting a new life in a new unknown place. However, few people enjoy the stress that goes along with packing, moving and unpacking. Monroe Moving Pro reduces the headache with full-service moving. Our packing services offer you the opportunity and flexibility to decide how much packing you personally would like to do. We are offering a complete list of packing options as well as professional services that help you plan and prepare with ease.
We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your favorite local move provider!

Monroe Moving and Storage team providing expert packing services


Full Packing

We have professional movers/packagers that help you pack and crate almost all of your items, from the smallest to the major ones. We will arrive with everything needed to pack your house – tape, boxes, paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, shrink wrap, etc.

Kitchen Packing

Our professionals will take special care while packing all of your kitchen items. We wrap all the breakable items into a specifically designed dish boxes.

Single Item Packing

Just name the items you want us to pack, and we will get along all the materials necessary for packing the items that you requested.

You can relax knowing that we will offer a fully-fledged service of packing all that you need and have requested. We have all the necessary tools and professionals to make sure your job is done correctly and professionally. Call us today to get a free estimate!